MIVA plumbing

MIVA plumbing

Modern, hygienic and customized for you. The sanitary building is heated and spacious.

Luxury MIVA plumbing

We would like everyone to enjoy the Zeeland environment and our green mini-campsite. Therefore, when constructing the new plumbing building, we chose to add MIVA plumbing. This way, you too can enjoy a beautiful vacation on the coast of Zeeland!

There is one MIVA room, in this room you will find a shower + toilet. The entire building has underfloor heating, including the MIVA room. In addition, all lighting runs on motion sensors and we use LED lighting to be more sustainable.

Plumbing includes:

– underfloor heating in all rooms
– 3 ladies toilets
– 2 men’s toilets
– 1 urinior
– 2 ladies showers
– 2 men’s showers
– 1 Miva room (shower + toilet)
– 1 family bathroom
– 2 lockable private cabins with a sink